How To Take The Headache Out of Thriving During COVID19: Get Access To Our Online Crisis Kit Free!

How To Take The Headache Out of Thriving During COVID19: Get Access To Our Online Crisis Kit Free!

Updated: Mar 31

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It's no doubt that with all that is happening, that businesses are concerned more than ever with finding ways for their business to survive and even thrive during COVID19.

The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading rapidly, with new updates flying in every minute. As the situation evolves, many small business owners are unsure of what steps to take to limit risk, protect employees and support customers.

To help you keep your business going, we have launched our new platform dedicated to helping your online presence keep you connected to your local customers, online marketing tools, resources, and financial assistance.

The situation is dire for local businesses. For many, the choices are to close or move online. Moving online can be perceived as expensive, time-consuming and virtually impossible—but it’s not!

C.Beyond Marketing Resource Center, LLC has released the Online Crisis Protection Kit for Small Businesses, helping local businesses transition to online selling.

Local matters to us —a lot

At C.Beyond Marketing Resource Center, LLC, our core purpose has always been to drive local economies, help businesses to develop, and conquer reaching new customers & clients.

Much like you, we support local businesses, and during challenging times like these, we’re committed to that now more than ever. 

We believe in strengthening local economies by partnering with experts (like you) and equipping you with the tools you need to be successful.

You may be facing staff shortages, remote work, and an evolving marketplace where changing customer habits are hurting your bottom line. We’ve established this page to provide you with the latest resources and tools you need to guide you through this difficult time.

Learn more at

10 Resources & Steps To Relief During COVID19

  1. Connect Virtually - Create an online webinar for your team members to be able to connect and stay informed during the massive quarantine.

  2. Create a Website - Being able to offer your services digitally during this time is SUPER important. Not all services can be offered online, but where is a will there is an OPPORTUNITY. Now, more than ever, people are seeking to be visible online and having a website is a phenomenal way to be in the online discussion of your next customer.

  3. Social Media - Facebook & Google have over 1 Billion users, why not have an online presence there? Did you know that people can search for local businesses within the Facebook & Google platforms and contact you from there?

  4. Manage Your Online Reputation - Start sending out review requests to current and recent customers to build your online reputation. People are looking for reputable companies that can be trusted. They need to know that any investment being made at this time won't be wasted!

  5. Update Your Listings - Since going to your physical location is not in the best interest of the general public, having them visit you online is just as efficient. Just as importantly, when companies are looking for local products & services, having the correct address & phone number is can make the difference between a sale or a missing opportunity.

  6. SEO Throttle - Customers organically searching for businesses that can deliver or ship products locally largely transcends from a companies SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is "the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine."

  7. Digital Advertising - Advertising, in general, is the lifeblood of any company. Creating a recognizable brand and consistently targeting those interested in your services keeps businesses from becoming extinct. If you've never thought about the importance of advertising digitally, NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO START! Now, businesses can't rely on traditional foot traffic and expect people to visit their location to pick up the new item on sale. Investing in marketing needs to be factored into the financial budget of your business. And guess what, SO ARE YOUR COMPETITORS. Your competitors aren't waiting for a sale to come by happenstance, they are setting up their action plan to promote online, and you should too.

  8. Set up a CRM - Set a way to capture and organize your customer's information with a Customer Relationship Management System. A CRM does just what means. It will help you manage the relationship with your customers. This will make updating them about your services simpler and give you information about which customers are engaging with your emails and offers.

  9. Connect with your local chamber - Your local Chamber of Commerce might have some additional resources geared towards helping members continue and stabilize during the global pandemic.

  10. Financial Assistance - More than anything companies are seeking financial assistance to avoid financial hardship, which would render them ineligible for business loans or funding. The sooner a company can access to funding, business credit or loans to maintain payroll for employees and overhead costs, the better! Luckily, there are many financial resources available that we will share with you.

So, how can you efficiently complete ALL of these steps to keep your business going? I'm glad you asked!

We've put together an Online Crisis Kit For Small Businesses to help them get started. The Online Crisis kit was created to quickly solve these critical issues.

Get access to our Online Crisis Kit For Small Business For Free!

Learn more at

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Thanks for reading!

-Cynthia V.

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