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Online Crisis Kit / Resources

For Small Businesses

Local businesses are being affected by COVID-19. We'll help you to continue serving your communities from home!

The situation is dire for local businesses. For many, the choices are to close or move online. Moving online can be perceived as expensive, time-consuming and virtually impossible—but it’s not!

C.Beyond Marketing Resource Center, LLC has released the Online Crisis Protection Kit for Small Businesses, helping local businesses transition to online selling.

Local matters to us —a lot

At C.Beyond Marketing Resource Center, LLC, our core purpose has always been to drive local economies, help businesses to development, and conquer reaching new customers & clients.


Much like you, we support local businesses, and during challenging times like these, we’re committed to that now more than ever. 


We believe in strengthening local economies by partnering with experts (like you) and equipping you with the tools you need to be successful.

You may be facing staff shortages, remote work, and an evolving marketplace where changing customer habits are hurting your bottom line. We’ve established this page to provide you with the latest resources and tools you need to guide you through this difficult time.

Resources and Tools

to #ProtectLocalBusinesses

During this unprecedented time, it’s more important than ever for you to have the resources and tools you need to run your business at your fingertips. We’re providing everything you need to ensure that your business is protected too. 

We’re eager to introduce the Online Crisis Kit for Small Businesses, available today for our small business clients to access through their own business app – Business Development  Center.

Introducing the Online Crisis Kit For Small Businesses

We’re providing our clients with an expanding set of e-commerce tools, free of charge to local business. enabling you to conduct business online and stay connected to communities you serve. #protectlocal #protectlocalbusinesses

The Online Crisis Kit includes CBMRSC's Express product editions, an email marketing solution, business-to-customer communication apps (including booking and scheduling), and a discounted e-commerce platform to sell products or services online.


The Online Crisis Kit for Small Businesses is now available for you through our Business Development Center.

How Can The Online Crisis Kit Help?

3x the tools for understanding and managing your business’s online presence

We'll Help You Manage Your Online Presence

Get a Detailed Report About Your Company's Online Reputation

  • Online Marketing Assessment: The Online Marketing Assessment (OMA) is an award-winning report that provides business owners with insights into their business's online marketing performance. $120.00 (One Time Fee) -$100 off!

  • By identifying the weaknesses and discrepancies your business is having online, you will be able to implement the changes needed for your business to EXCEL above your competitors and your potential customers.

  • With the use of an OMA, an all-in-one Comprehensive Development Package (CDP) will be created. The CDP gives exceptional value to companies by providing a solutions-based response to your company's most critical online issues, needs, and hindrances.

  • From correcting how your business listings appear online to fixing your website's online ranking, 

  • Even during COVID19, the Online Crisis Kit holds long term success tools for businesses of any age or industry.  

Get Funding To Sustain & Grow Your Business

Learn more at:

The financial situation for many local businesses seems deem. For many, financial hardship seems like an impending end -- there's HOPE!.


We highly recommend a company that specialized in multiple funding solutions to help businesses sustain, grow and develop. Our Business Resource Partner, Hope Business Solutions Group is ready and willing to help thousands of business during these trying times. 

HOPE Business Solutions Group takes every opportunity to help strengthen small business owners. We empower you to do what you do best while they, along with their customized business solutions and resources help nurture your business to the next level.

Access to up to $25,000 —Get Instant Approval


At HOPE Business Solutions Group we recognize that there is huge opportunity in the market for small business owners and they are committed to small business success. With over 30 years of combined experience, the team at HOPE Business Solutions Group has helped hundreds, if not thousands of business owners.

We Help businesses sell products and services online

Having a healthy online presence builds trust, which drives sales, leads and customers. Excel above your competitors, by managing and growing your online reputation and having a website tailored to accepting online payments

Generate Sales: Make money online with your home based, online business. Generate income on command with our eCommerce tools. Add our Online Crisis Kit Additions today.

  • Landing Page:  Create an online presence, generate leads & contacts. CRM Integrated, Gsuite Mailbox,  Mobile Optimization, Ecommerce Enabled, Domain Included. $350.00 (One Time Fee- $300 Off!

  • 3 Page Website:  Drive sales and build brand awareness. CRM Integrated, Gsuite Mailbox, Mobile Optimization, Domain Included, Ecommerce Enabled. $550.00 (One Time Fee -$400 Off!)

  • Accessibility Tool:  Make using your website is more user-friendly for the visually and hearing impaired. $40 (One Time Fee)

Get Your Online Crisis Kit Today! Fill out form and get started at $0 Cost To You! 

 (No fees for 60 days)

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