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Women Inspiring Women was created to encourage all women to grow in love, faith and integrity, while living a meaningful Christ-centered life. We aim to empower women, to inspire their daughters, sisters, and mothers, through encouragement and motivation. We want them to know their value, attraction, importance, significance, merit and WORTH. ​

Our Vision: Our vision is to reach, nurture, encourage, inspire, and direct women of all generations towards a flourishing future. We provide a safe and loving atmosphere where women can GROW beyond the pain to a life of PURPOSE. We inspire each woman to "stir up the gifts" inside of her. No matter what she has faced in the past, there is a unique plan and purpose for her life. She is the founder of Women Inspiring Women Ministries, (WIW) a non-profit organization that equips women to pursue their dreams and flourish together. The motto of WIW is "Every woman has a story, and when they are ready, they will share it!" This motto perfectly fits the life of Author Janet Viers. ​ Janet has written her first book. She has an amazing story of trials and tribulations that she uses to glorify God, encourage others and to help build His Kingdom. Her life experiences have taught her that God makes everything beautiful in His time. Her many tests and trials have taught her that God is faithful and His mercy is new every morning. Janet's goal is to mentor and encourage others to walk in purpose. Her greatest strength is her love for God, love for family and love for people. Her latest book, Stay the Course God is Making Something Beautiful, is designed to inspire and encourage people from all walks of life. Though this is her first book, this certainly won't be the last book we read from Janet Viers. Janet is on a mission to ensure that the Kingdom of God is never without encouragement. This is an extra push for the legacy of the millennial generation and the generations to come.

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