Don Records LLC

Our mission is to Dominate Every Opportunity Noticeably! Don Records, LLC is a record label ran by CEO James Carter of Huntsville, AL. At Don Records, LLC we have multiple years of experience to make any HARD WORKING and DEDICATED artist exceed beyond their expectations.

We as a label push the artist to become the very best at what they do through hard work and consistency. The foundation of our record label is loyalty, building relationships and networking with the right people to get your music heard and discovered. Through these tactics, we are consistently, “Dominating Opportunities Noticeably! Jc The Don (Born James Carter), is a American Rapper/Song Writer from Huntsville, Alabama. JC started out his music career in 2017 with his first EP “4 The Beginning” And hasn’t turned back since. With his combinations of singing, melody and fast spitting lyrics, he stand out above his peers and fellow artists. JC The Don travels the world performing at concerts and has built connections with well known artist such as Jhonni Blaze (Singer/Actor/Model), DJ Absolute (one of the biggest DJ in New York), Euro Gotit (Rapper/SongWriter), King Myers(Rapper/SongWriter) , and has been acknowledged for his hard by Waka Flocka via Social Media. JC The Don is the true definition of “Dominating Opportunities Noticeably!

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