Black Wall Street Alabama

Black Wall Street Alabama (BWSA), is part of a nationwide and Global movement. Black Wall Street Alabama is focused on empowering the black community through various educational programs which will create a new culture.

BWSA Huntsville District practices group economics, uniting black professionals, Black Businesses and Black Organizations to developing a database which would allow the community the ability to access and find services that are available. Also putting our youth in a position of leadership while giving them the opportunity to own their own businesses through our online Entrepreneur Academy! We are a 501C3 nonprofit Spiritual Organization, raising money for business development in our district. Black Wall Street Alabama is holding our leaders accountable for the spirit, opportunities, commitments, networks, integration, and Improvement of our communities. Black Wall Street Alabama will promote systems that create a guideline to success. Career Training, business organization, free workshops, informational events, networking, and mentorship and Marketing black business products and services. We are in a state of emergency in the development of our community. With the communities help, we will find out what is needed so that it can be presented in hopes that future black businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, and stakeholders will seize the moment to create and build within the community. Black Wall Street Alabama strives to be the Global Leader in connecting Black Professionals and Black Businesses to make a difference by providing high-quality content and services through education that empowers our communities! lack Wall Street Alabama will have a location in every Black Community where Black Professionals and Black Businesses can come together to create new opportunities through education! Black Wall Street Alabama is part of a Nationwide & Global movement. We are focused on empowering the black community by creating a new culture, sustainable wealth, rich & intimate relationships, along with a sustainable world to enjoy them in, by profiting from them. This will be based on transparency, delight, freedom, & community.

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